Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Gathering of the Clan

My father's memorial service will be held three weeks from today. I have eleven days to get my act together before my plane takes off, and I arrive in Ohio, at my mom's. I finally got my international driver's license the other day, and I have my re-entry permit already in my passport. I'll get out my suitcase soon and begin to make lists of things to take and what I need to buy while in the states. Thus start the pre-travel jitters that promise to rob me of sleep and peace of mind for the remainder of my preparation time!

The one glowing reward factor--the carrot dangling in front of this old pack mule, as it were--is the thought of the entire family gathered together for the first time in nine long years! This time we'll also welcome to the reunion my first cousin and his wife, someone I haven't seen in over forty years! (We've completely missed out on each others' best years! ha!) So that is an additional 'carrot!'

I am really going to enjoy this opportunity to reunite! My oldest friend from childhood is coming, as well as my oldest friend from my life in Japan. Such blessings to sweeten and refresh this time of grief's closure. May all go smoothly and may my mom's heart be blessed by the gathering of the clan!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bloomin' Pretty

A friend gave me a potted amaryllis bulb in December and assured me all I had to do was water it regularly and I would be rewarded with lovely blooms. Well, she was right. It was oh-so simple. As soon as I gave it water the first time, the shoot began to push upward, and seek light. I kept it near the sunny spot on my kitchen counter and regularly rotated it so the stems would grow straight. My friend had told me to water it daily, but the instructions in the box said once a week. I compromised and watered it every three days or so. Just look at how pretty it is!