Friday, August 29, 2008

A New Friend

I've mentioned Mixi, the Japanese social networking system (a little like Facebook...a lot safer than MySpace) before on this blog, and recently I was tickled when an Australian woman contacted me suddenly on Mixi and we began corresponding.

She lives in Kyushu, the southwestern island of Japan, whereas I am located in the middle of Honshu (the longest island), so we live quite far apart and have no hope of ever meeting face to face. But I have had such fun "talking" with her. She and I both write these Olympic-sized epistles to each other just about everyday. She is 13 years my junior and her kids are still at the stage where they can have fun as an entire family during summer vacation. She 'gets' my humor and she tickles my funny bone, too.

There is definitely a honeymoon stage in a new friendship. We breathlessly wait for the other's reply and can't answer it soon enough. I'm a sucker for that stage; it makes my heart sing and spirit soar! I feel important to someone new; it renews my faith in my worthiness as a person to get to know. Sometimes in this mad exchange of personal anecdotes and revealing one's secrets it's possible to go too far and learn something we don't like so much, something that puts just the slightest damper on the bloom of happiness. But this hasn't happened with my Aussie friend, I'm happy to say...not yet, anyway...

I'm going to believe the best and continue to share with her and I hope in time we can become the kind of friends that endure through time and space. I have a lot of relationships like that, and I'm blessed and grateful for them.

If you are one of those people, and you are reading my blog today, drop me a line. People just don't comment enough on this confounded blog!!!!!


Sonic said...

Wow, to be the topic of someone's blog is a first! I feel like a movie star!

I hope someday we can meet...but that's the great thing about cyber friends..we don't have to to have a great friendship.

I hope that someone out there reading this who has difficulty making friends face to face, has the courage to find a cyber friend.

One can never have enough friends!
And I am honoured to be one of yours Sal!

Viva la tomodachi!!

Sal said...

The honor is all mine, Sonic-chan. Thanks for checking out my blog and having the courage to stop and comment. It means a LOT to me!

Here's to us!

Twice Blessed China Mom said...

Hey there, girlfriend! Keep writing, even if people aren't taking the time to respond...I really think that the way blogs are done in Japan is different than what we're accustom to in the U.S. I sure do like the way that you do it in Japan, though! I also really appreciate when people take a moment to respond to my blog and am trying to do that. Sally, please check one of the links on my sidebar. I really think you would like the Bring the Rain blog. Angie is starting a Bible study in TN and if I lived closer, I'd be going! I'm back to school and am tuckered out already!!!

Sal said...

Jeana, if you'll notice, I've had Angie's blog linked to mine for the past three weeks...I've been reading through the entire history of Audrey Caroline's life gradually for the past month. I checked it out soon after you encouraged me to do so back in July! She and Todd are certainly special people of God and it is a privilege to share their experience. I loved Todd's recent post about how they met. Thanks for your comments, Jeana!