Friday, July 3, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Well, it's been a year since I started this blog. A lot of growth has occurred in that time, regarding my understanding of blogging and what it entails. But one thing cannot be denied: I have definitely lost my passion for "talking outloud" on the web. I'm lucky if I write something once a month, these days. For those kind souls out there who were following my blog with interest and checking in often, I feel like my current pace is doing you a very grave disservice! Yet, I am less introspective and definitely less articulate; I just don't have anything to say that's worth typing. I'm afraid my honeymoon with blogging is irrefutably over.

I joined Facebook, and that's been more interesting to me lately; I've been enjoying reconnecting with childhood friends and many people I haven't seen in over 35 years. It's been a little strange--getting in touch with my far distant past. After moving to Japan, I really strove to maintain relationships with people, but in the end, I was too far away and my visits back home were stretched too far apart. The majority of friends couldn't be bothered beyond enduring receiving my Christmas newsletter. I ended up sort of choosing to leave my American past in America and move on with my life.

The birth of E-mail helped me remind people of my existance to some degree, but Facebook has been more rewarding because we can show photos, leave our comments on others' pages, join groups, research stuff, get organized with the help of many applications, and feel closer to MANY folk I used to have a really strong bond with B.J. (before Japan). The only catch is they have to be on Facebook, too!

An interesting phenomenon has occurred, though, in the midst of "speaking" to old pals in junior high and such...I find myself going right back into my little insecure psyche again. At the ripe old age of 51 I'm chewing my fingernails anxiously wondering if this or that person has decided I'm too weird or straight or religious or verbose to continue a correspondence with me. I'm a tangle of insecure knots. Very distasteful. NOT something I want to be a part of my adult existance!! I paid my dues from 1965-1979. Enough of that, already!

I want to be happy with myself!


Marie Carré said...

You seem to know how to use Facebook very well! I'm impressed. Personnally, I don't see that much interest in Facebook, I don't know why. I feel more like a kind of scared with it.

Congratulation for your first year birthday with your blog.

Take your time, I'm sure inspiration will come back to you.

karen hurford said...

Hi Sal - hisashiburi!! I'm sorry I don't keep in touch as often as I'd like - life becomes so busy, and e-mail is about all I can keep up with. I am taking a year off next year though - I have received a scholarship to do some study in contemporary art. The course has already started and will go for 18 months - so I get to "do art" full time next year!!

Hope you are well - we are all fine here - karen

Sal said...

Dear Marie,
Thank you, as ever, for your faithfulness in following my blog despite my reticence! You are an encouragement to me!

I don't know what it is about this summer, but I'm dragging slower and slower in this humidity. All I want to do is lay in bed and read a book, interspersed with napping. I feel like a cat! I'll bet you have it a little cooler in Nagano, right? Well, take care of yourself just the same. Thanks again for your comment!


Dear Karen,
Well, howdy stranger! Forgive me too, for never seeming to be able to write...but I'm glad to hear you are taking some time off of teaching to be creative. That is SO necessary for one's well-being, y'know?! I quit directing church choir finally the end of last year because I wanted to devote my time to the Banner Circle. We're creating something lovely for the walls of the sanctuary, and it makes my heart light to see envisioned designs come into existance! I'll post a photo when it's finished.

You work hard on your craft, too. Please show me how it progresses in the following months. Thanks for stopping by!