Sunday, October 5, 2008

Did I Speak Too Soon?

Well, that last post's announcement that the old fridge can still be used may be a false alarm. My husband (in his infinite mechanical wisdom) said, "We have to unplug it once, let it warm up again and then try plugging it in again. If it gets cold again without any problems, we're in the clear!"

So that's what we did. But after plugging it in the second time, it didn't chill, and the ominous cracking noises began again. Get me off this stupid polar cap! I want my new refrigerator, and I want to stop this ridiculous reporting back and forth about how we can or cannot keep our food from perishing! Please tell me a resolution is imminent!

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Twice Blessed China Mom said...

Well, you've certainly given the old refrigerator every support and opportunity to continue service; time to send him away and let the new guy keep your food cool! I had two roommates at different times that were engineers; they organized the refrigerator in the most awesome ways! When our refrigerator is just a mess or totally unorganized, I think of them, and wish they would stop by!