Monday, October 20, 2008

This Logic Does Not Compute

I cannot stand forwarded mail. I get my share of it, although it is at a minimum because I always ask people not to send it to me. My sister-in-law sends me only things that are related to health or safety that she thinks I really should look at. I don't mind this kind of forwarded mail. One woman I know sends me a bunch of stuff, most of which I throw away. But once in a while she sends really interesting and intriguing photo collections. These I also appreciate, and usually save.
There are others who ONLY send me forwarded stuff (and even that, rarely) and never a note or personal message. EVER. To my mind, this means they have discarded my affections and are not interested in remaining friends. After all, people, language is the human way to communicate... give that up and unless you're meeting face to face and doing some other activity together, you have nothing to show for your relationship, past or present, except maybe a photo or two.

Anything that comes with the request that I send it on to others I automatically resent (and refuse to comply). I don't care how warm and fuzzy it's designed to make people feel...I just think it is inappropriate to try and coerce people into sending email chain letters. We gave that up when we got to junior high age, don't you remember?? It's juvenile behavior. I refuse to participate.
Then there was person who thought up this nonjustification for forwarding messages.

This comic is inane, in my opinion. It's trying to convince me to interpret forwarded mailings as someone's way to maintain my friendship. Well, I'm not going to be duped by this mentality, so if you are out there, thinking that this is an automatic plus to your friendship with someone...
guess what!? It just might not be, in fact, to my mind it reeks of lazy and irresponsible promotion of surface and insignificant relationships, AND junk mail!!

Okay, okay, I know, I'm raving. I'll get off my soap box now.


Bonnie said...

Oh, I agree, I agree! Nice blog!

Sal said...

Thank you for stopping by. I really am glad to know there is another person out there who can understand and share my viewpoint! Hope to hear from you again. ;-)

Twice Blessed China Mom said...

I agree totally. I forward something about twice a year and it is usually a police alert for our area. If I ever forward anything to you, read it, because it means the world is about to end, and I'm saying goodbye!

Sal said...

Jeana, You crack me up! Thanks for your comment!! If that day ever comes, I wonder if we'll still be stubbornly sitting in front of our computers! Hope I'll be nearby and able to go and give you a hug goodbye. Love you!!